100% Money Back Guarantee

Here at Stevia Select we take pride in our premium stevia products. We offer ONLY the best in quality, flavor, and customer service! Whether your searching for delicious stevia powder or a natural sugar-free water flavoring for your plain water, we trust each item will exceed your expectations. Stevia Select is so confident our premium stevia that we dare to bring you the most extensive guarantee possible.

Our family understands how difficult it can be to find a stevia brand that suits your palette. This is why we created our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our desire is to take all the risk out of buying a new product. If you’re not happy, neither are we! So go ahead and be adventurous in trying something new!


If you placed an order on Amazon, we ask you to call a friendly Amazon representative. All Amazon sold items are fulfilled by Amazon and they will gladly assist you with a return. The number to call is #1-866-216-1072.

If you placed an order on Stevia Select, here is our policy:

  1. Contact us immediately if an item was damaged or unsatisfactory. We promise to get back with you within 24 hours but usually much sooner.
  2. If you received a damaged product, we ask you to email an image of the item and we will refund your money or send a replacement
  3. If you found the product unsatisfactory, we are sorry that it didn’t meet your expectations. Sometimes issues like this can be resolved with tips on the best way to use the product. This is why we ask you to email us with details of what you received, how you used it, and amounts used. If you still want to receive a refund, customer will ship item back to Stevia Select. As soon as item is received back in our warehouse, customer will receive a full refund or a replacement sent out of same/lesser value (this decision is based on customers’ wishes as communicated during initial conversation).

**Never Received Items:

**All items are shipped and a follow-up email with tracking is sent to customer. If the tracking shows the item was delivered but you never received it, please check with the carrier or your local post office. Most “missing” packages can be found this way. Keep in mind the Stevia Select bottles are very small and many customers have overlooked them in a larger sized box. Please check previous packages carefully, front porch behind items to keep hidden front view, and ask neighbors if mail was delivered to wrong house. However, if tracking information shows the item was marked as “delivered” and you still do not have it in your possession, customer must file a claim with the carrier. Stevia Select cannot be held responsible for lost or stolen goods.

PLEASE contact us if you have any problems, disputes, or issues. Your satisfaction is our main priority and we want you to have a positive experience shopping with Stevia Select. We appreciate your business and thank you for choosing Stevia Select!